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What's in the box

Real-time collaboration

Invite your team to view, edit, and publish your docs collaboratively, real-time.

Inline editing

Seamlessly edit and write content directly on your webpage as you see it.

Stunning looks out of the box

We designed the default theme with care and attention to detail. This means that your documentation is on a par with the best-in-class documentation websites on the web, out of the box.

Custom branding and domain

Give your docs website a unique feel that matches your brand: upload your logo, connect a domain name, and customize how every element on the screen looks like.

Instant publishing

With a single click we deploy your documentation to servers across the globe.

Version management

Manage and let your users access multiple versions of your documentation.


Let your users find anything on your documentation website. Customize the search results for specific keywords.

SEO and social optimized

Portal websites are statically rendered so they're easier to read and index for search engines. You can also customize the texts and images for when your documentation appears in search results and when it's shared on social media.

Single sign on

Let everyone in your company log in to Portal with your company's credentials.

Github integration

We convert your docs to markdown and sync everything with a Github repository you set up. You own your data.

Team features

Invite your team and manage who can view, edit, and publish your documentation using Portal's role-based permissions system.

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